As a Certified Quilt Appraiser, Caryl is fully qualified to determine the values of quilts and other quilted textiles.   Caryl has been certified by the American Quilter's Society, and is a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles.  More information about the certification process and both of these organizations is given below.

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    As a service to the quilt world, the American Quilter's Society offers a program to certify appraisers who are qualified to give insurance values and fair market values to quilts and quilted textiles.  Appraisers certified by the Society have been tested in their knowledge and experience through written and oral examinations.  As a part of the certification process, appraisers must meet a strict set of certification requirements, and they have agreed to subscribe to a Code of Ethical Practices.

    To maintain current certification status, appraisers are required to actively appraise, as well as continue their education and/or contribute to appraisal education.   Certification must be updated every three years.   Appraisers must report on their current activity within the field and professional development experiences during that period to obtain renewal of their certification for another three year term.

    You can be confident of the expertise of the appraisers certified by AQS.

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    Appraisers who are certified by the American Quilter's Society are eligible for membership into this organization.  Founded in 1992, PAAQT is dedicated to promoting the accomplishments of its members and to providing professional development in the appraisal field.  These goals are accomplished through continuing education, meetings, and newsletters.

    Contact a certified appraiser in your area.



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