Written appraisals are needed to determine the insurance replacement value of quilts, whether they are antique or new.   An appraisal is also helpful to determine the market value of a quilt in the event that the owner plans to sell it.  Either of these types of appraisals may be requested, although the insurance replacement value is the one most commonly obtained.

Appraisals may also be done for the following reasons:

  • To purchase "Fine Arts Floater" insurance coverage.

  • To determine the quilt's value for donation or for a gift.

  • To give the appraisal with a quilt that is a gift.

  • For protection during shipping.  Shipping companies usually settle for the materials cost, unless value can be substantiated by a written appraisal.

  • To accompany a quilted textile to a quilt show which requires insurance or an appraisal.

Caryl travels to perform appraisals, as well as to lecture and teach.  Please feel free to contact her concerning her availability to perform an appraisal for you.


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